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Thursday, December 25, 2014

My resume.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious & the Most Merciful.

I did few designs for my resume as I am now a job hunter :D The first resume yang Farah buat was very simple with yellow in color. Bila tengok balik rasa so funny.

First design

The second design is in blue color. Simple je.

Second design

And the latest one yang Farah buat color blue and red.

Third design

Above all, Farah suka yang third design, the one I enjoyed the most doing it :D Agak-agak ada orang nak ambil Farah kerja tak? Doakan!

Till then!

p.s Is there any specific format for resume?

A new start all over again :)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious & the Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to write again since the last post in March. There's a lot to blog but bahan tak cukup, so rasa tak seronok nak bercerita. 

I am officially a Maksu :) Alhamdulillah, my sister gave birth to a baby girl named Haniyya Sofiyya Zaky binti Ahmad Salsabil Zaky on 13 June 2014. What a long name, isn'it? So, all of us decided to only called her Sofiyya. Alhamdulillah she's now 6 months+ and she has already started to take solid foods for her diet.

Sofiyya with Mama Bella, me, and Mak Tok before boarding to Bandung :)

Yups, she went to Bandung for the very first time on the last November! Alkisahnya masa nak buat passport, terpaksa cut nama Abi dia sebab nama dia yang super panjang tu. Overall, to go travel oversea with little baby is super fun but super tiring too especially the Ummi. 

I think lately ni I love to do creative things. Rasa macam I just found a new passion which I enjoys a lot when doing it. Macam baru-baru ni, I did a wedding invitation design for a friend of mine. Below is the final design of the invitation :) Actually, sebelum came out dengan final design ni, ada lagi 4 design lain but client suka yang ni. Cewah!

Final design

Apart from that, ada juga buat wedding invitation untuk cousin which dia bernikah hari ni :) Below is the design. Actually ni pun ada lagi 1 design tapi color je lain.

I did a goodie bag for Sofiyya as well masa Majlis Aqiqah dia. Itulah penangan anak buah, Maksu sanggup buat apa je untuk Sofiyya :) Sofiyya sila sayang Maksu sekarang!!

Actually yang ni untuk lekat kat goodie bag dia. Guna white paper bag yang selalu sangat orang guna sekarang. Kebetulan paper bag tu ada lebih masa kenduri kahwin Ummi dgn Abi Sofiyya. So, just guna lebihan yang ada je. I just bought pink ribbons (light and dark pink) and print design kat atas ni untuk beautify the bag. Final product as per below picture.

Goodie bag for Majlis Aqiqah Sofiyya

For me, simple je bag ni tapi puas hati sebab dapat buat sendiri. At least, it look nice to my eyes. Hihihi. So, ada sape-sape nak tempah ke? Hehe I am just joking!

Till then!